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"Great presenter. Material was very good and will be perfect for reference. Course was a wide cross-section of topics. Useful exercises and tools."
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Training Programs

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Improving the ability of staff to prepare compelling, persuasive, efficient and effective written cases that will influence decision-makers

Target Audience:

Any employee who needs to learn/enhance business case writing skills

Content & Methodology:

Through a combination of facilitator-led discussion and practical, hands-on exercises, participants:

  • discover the who(s), what(s), and why(s) of the business case;
  • learn how to select the appropriate format and style for their case;
  • review options for persuasively organizing ideas, arguments and recommendations: and,
  • develop checklists to expedite the writing process and ensure quality control.

The program is customized to meet organizational requirements.

persuasivewriting@work™ is a one-day workshop delivered to groups of 15 - 20 participants. The modules offer facilitator-led discussion and training on key learning points as well as group and individual exercises.

Course Materials:

All participants receive a workbook; in addition to the required classroom material, it provides post-workshop-guidance and support tools.


persuasivewriting@work™ is delivered by certified external trainers, provided by The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corporation, Available in English.