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The Manager is the Medium® program was customized so our team leaders related to what we were doing and felt totally engaged. By the end of our day, we were all tired, but energized by understanding how using communications strategically will make us more effective leaders.
Toronto Lawn Tennis Club

"Supervisors are key to driving business change and success. Our supervisor communications training program, based on The Manager is the Medium® and tailored specifically to meet our company‚Äôs needs, has now reached thousands of our supervisors. Every time we deliver it, we receive very positive feedback. And most important, we can show that the training, when combined with a well-executed communications plan, can make a real difference in business results."
Vice President and Communications Officer,
American Standard Companies

"96% of respondents said they would recommend this course to others."
Revenue Canada.


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Training Programs

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Improving the communications skills of people managers, and oriented to driving strategic thinking and effective communications behaviours.

Target Audience:

Managers, supervisors, and leaders in any organization: particularly effective in supporting imminent or ongoing change.

Content &Methodology:

The Manager is the Medium® is a highly interactive, intensive and results driven program on a platform of current adult learning principles.

Through a combination of facilitator-led discussion and practical, hands-on, exercises, participants:

  • discover the importance and benefits of effective two way communication;
  • learn the principles of strategic communication and how to apply them;
  • develop an understanding of the nature of communications tools and tactics, and how to select and use them strategically; and
  • learn how to implement a Communications Covenant©--the foundation on which they will build improved relationships with their own work teams, as well as their own managers, colleagues and clients/customers.

The program is customized and tailored to address organizational needs and communications-based issues.

Course Materials:

Participants receive a comprehensive and customized workbook that includes classroom materials, a tool box, process maps and feedback questionnaires.


The Manager is the Medium is geared for delivery to groups of 15-20 participants over one and one-half days. The first day is followed one to two weeks later by a half day, allowing participants time to apply the new learning and to complete two workplace-related assignments.

We have a number of certified trainers across Canada. Organizations with more than 200 participants can find cost efficiencies in our train-the-trainer certification program.

This workshop and workshop materials are available in both French (Vision Gestion) and English.

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