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"We've got a much better sense of what to expect, and how to prepare. Most importantly, having a strategic sense of what we want to achieve and how in our media relations was especially valuable."
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Training Programs

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Enhancing the skills of those who are, or will be, spokespersons for an organization and helping them to understand media expectations and the dynamics of media encounters.

Target Audience:

Designated spokespersons.

Content & Methodology:

This training program is structured to give participants a clear understand of how::

  • various media work and what they look for in interview situations:
  • to plan for and 'level the playing field;
  • to prepare key talking points; and,
  • to avoid typical interview pitfalls.

Through a combination of trainer-led discussion and a series of critiqued simulated interviews, participants are prepared to face any kind of media encounter.

The training is customized to address specific issue and media challenges.

It's geared for one-on-one training (minimum four hours), or for groups of up to six participants (full day).

Course Materials:

A pre session self-assessment; outline of all key training tips, and a summary and planning tools.


Training is delivered by highly qualified trainers of The Mindszenthy &Roberts Corporation. It is available in English.