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"We were very pleased to have Bart Mindszenthy speaking about Crisis Communications Management at our recent International Education Conference in Winnipeg. Bart's audience was comprised of every level of international education professional, from front-line student advisors to university presidents, and he managed to keep this diverse group fully engaged. Bart has the gift of being able to present substantive content in a relaxed style that engages his listeners in the moment--using liberal humour and storytelling--and enables them to retain what they have learned over the long-term. Feedback from our delegates has been extremely positive, with 100% of survey respondents rating his session good to excellent."
Director Communications
Canadian Education Centre Network


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Training Programs

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Assessing and improving crisis management/communications sensitivities and skills; testing plans and training people.

Target Audience

Senior management and line managers in any organization.

Content & Methodology:

No Surprises™ is a very intense, hands-on simulated table-top exercise and comprehensive debriefing to test crisis management / communications plans and train the people who must implement them.

As a result of the No Surprises™ experience, organizations are able to:

  • assess the effectiveness of existing crisis management and crisis communications plans:
  • determine how well crisis team members are able to use and work plans;
  • discover how well crisis team members can work together; and,
  • identify required modifications and changes.

Simulations are custom-created and tailored to specific threats the organization may face. They range from half to full day exercises and involve all appropriate people in an organization or at any of its sites.


No Surprises™ is designed and delivered by experts in crisis planning, counsel and training who are partners and associates of The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corporation