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"Not only has the quality, organization and speed of the information we receive from the field improved substantially, the quality of the work by our trainers has benefited from the application of what they teach to the jobs they do. They do a much better job now of taking the notes from the field, looking at them through the Minister’s eyes and translating them into something that really works for the Minister.
And, the self-confidence they have gained at the front of the classroom has resulted in strong, focused and succinct briefings with the Deputy and the Minister."
Chief of Briefing and Parliamentary Relations, Environment Canada


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Training Programs

Preparing and delivering anticipatory, relevant, accurate, succinct, and timely briefing notes in government.

Target Audience:

Managers, supervisors, and analysts at all levels of government.

Content & Methodology:

Based on principles of adult learning, HeadsUp!™ is a highly interactive and results driven workshop.

Focusing on the needs of participants in order to address the requirements of the end user, the program helps participants:

  • identify the benefits, both professionally and personally, of developing effective briefing notes:
  • apply the principles and skills of issue recognition and effective briefing note development; and,
  • identify and apply the characteristics of effective briefing notes

HeadsUp!™ is designed for a high level of customization to meet Ministry/Branch realities and needs.

The program is geared for delivery to groups of up to 25 participants.

There are two versions: a 4.5 hour program that provides a highly effective, hands-on learning experience, and a full day version allowing for more exercises and collaborative work.

Course Materials:

In addition to a pre-session self-assessment, every participant receives a workbook that also provides post-classroom guidance and support tools.


HeadsUp!™ is delivered by certified external trainers, or by Ministry/Branch issues management staff who have been trained and certified by The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corporation. The program is available in English and French.

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