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Leadership@work 2012

Leadership@Work: Be a Better Team Leader Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone

by Harvey Silver, PH.D. and Bart Mindszenthy, APR, FCPRS, LM

Leadership@Work is a very different kind of business book that spent 10 months on the Canadian business book best sellers list when first published and was 2001’s fifth best selling business book in the country. It's short, It's easy to read. It's thought provoking. it doesn't talk at you; It dialogues with you. And it's highly interactive and very hands on.

Organizational psychologist Harvey Silver and communications counselor Bart Mindszenthy have personalized the concepts of what good management is all about, and in Leadership@Work offer practical no-nonsense guidance on how to be an effective team leader. This 2012 revised, redesigned, expanded 2nd edition of the original book challenges you to take a deep look inside your head and heart and conduct a personal inventory about how you manage, and then strengthen or build the attitudes and skills you need to provide consistent leadership at work.

Review of Leadership @ work.

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ISBN: 978-0-9688148-1-9; $22.95; 155 pages; LifeWorks Books


No Surprises: The Crisis Communications Management System

No Surprises: The Crisis Communications Management System

by Bart Mindszenthy, APR, FCPRS; T.A.G. Watson, APR, and William Koch, APR

"The book is easy to read with excellent examples to underscore key points. Communication planners, program managers and executives in all fields will find this book worthwhile reading…the step by step approach to developing a crisis communications program is useful at all levels…"
Emergency Preparedness Digest

"No Surprises is really a planning and survival manual combined…gives you essential planning tools and guidelines you’ll need…"
IABC Communication World

"There’s only one thing about the book that may cause a personal crisis of your own. The price…check out this book. It may be the smartest two hundred bucks you ever spent for your business. And it may save you a bundle in the long term."
The Toronto Sun

1988; 269 pages; Bedford House Publishing Corporation

Parenting Your Parents


by Bart Mindszenthy, APR, Fellow CPRS and Michael Gordon, M.D.

Its an experience shared by almost all of us at some point in our lives, yet we all feel like it's something we go through alone. When our parents reach a certain age, and are unable to cope the way they did when they were younger, we find ourselves wondering how to provide them with the kind of love, care, support, affection, and attention they need - just as they have done for us all our lives.

Now a national bestseller, Parenting Your Parents examines the experiences of 19 families facing the challenge of helping and supporting their aging parents through a range of demanding situations. Each story demonstrates that we are not alone - that many thousands of us face similar challenges every day, everywhere.

With reflections and advice from Canada's pre-eminent geriatric physician, as well as a personal planner and a list of organizations and services that can be of assistance, Parenting Your Parents is a valuable resource for anyone facing this special family crisis. An American version of the book also is available. Both books may be ordered through bookstores or online through the following links:

Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in the Family ISBN: 1-55002-552-X, $28.99/$19.99 (U.S.); 391 pages, paperback; The Dundurn Group

Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in America ISBN-10: 1-55002-664-X, US$19.99; 325 pages, paperback; The Dundurn Group

The Family Eldercare Workbook & Planner

The Family Eldercare Workbook & Planner

by Bart Mindszenthy, APR, FCPRS, LM,

Planning ahead can make a world of difference. For them. And for you.

Caring for aging parents and other loved ones involves everything from arranging minor household repairs to major necessary lifestyle changes that affect their pride, safety, and independence.

In emergency situations, most of us won't know or remember half the information we'll need. Even if we do, stress, emotions, confusion, and even family tensions can make good and timely solutions very difficult to reach. Your Family Eldercare Workbook & Planner will become a priceless guide.

Big personal benefits for you: a life that's more orderly, less chaotic and much less stressful thanks to a realistic game plan, having your priorities in order, and all the information you need close at hand.

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Aging Parents: 200+ Practical Support Tips from My Care Journey

Aging Parents: 200+ Practical Support Tips from My Care Journey

by Bart Mindszenthy, APR, FCPRS, LM,

Facing eldercare challenges? Not sure what to do, or how to do it? Realizing that caring for aging parents is a lot more complex than you'd imagined? You're not alone.

This book is a compilation of columns covering a decade of the author's experiences with caring for his aging parents. Each article highlights a specific aspect of caring for aging and vulnerable parents, and each includes a set of key tips, questions, observations, or suggestions for you to consider and apply as they might best help.

This realtime, real-life, from-the-frontlines chronicle shares one family's many challenges, joys, sorrows, fears, and dreams while offering practical insights you can use every day.

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